hey ppl some other thoughts

I was wondering if there was a way to network the level design process for remote teams

I was also thinking about the market place and I was wondering if the asset is paid for and your on a team why can’t you have a company profile and stuff and asset sharing?

just some thoughts

maybe get an engine voice chat so I don’t have to use skype and get attacke through the net by spyware and stuff

got Norton and Malware bytes but just paranoid lost so much work over the years.

“better faster stronger harder”

maybe have team licenses and solo licenses?

idk just a thought

while I’m waiting just a thought why not give a 2 cent cred for thougths and money for contributions

idk like a dollar or have a rating by the community and a board at Epic?

just some ideas

why not pay the teachers who are making the tuts by matching the adsense earnings

might be crazy,

idk if this is good or bad or even feasible