hey! ive done something that has me not able to location transform with mouse drag!? anyone help?

im a absolute beginner in unreal , ive been making a game for around 50 hours with no problems. until yesterday, the problem that im now having is it that i cant transform the location of ANYTHING with the gizmo arrow when dragging with mouse whether it be in the level view port or a skeleton view port ect, i can move stuff with the detail panel and manually adjusting the location transform there and can see them move in real time in the view port.

im using world composition and i CAN rotate and scale with the mouse arrow drag but just not transform. the levels are loaded and the level is persistent, ether a key bind or something to do with relative and world location? idk , i cant remember what i did yesterday to change this! any help on what simple thing i missing out on here is would be great