Hey, I just want to know how can I pick up a object

Thx for reply before. And now I have a new question is that how can I make my player - the character to pick up a object.

seriously, I think you need to search more before you post this kind of topic again.

At very least, post what you already have and what’s causing problem.
I don’t want to reply to all posts you did in similar manner, I suggest you delete some of those post even this one.
This is not a “please make my game for me” forum.

Yeah, you got it.
I just don’t know. OK. Haha.

Seriously, Rexion, you have a lot of people here that can help you, but you’ve given us nothing to go on. Is the player human? Is it an FPS, TPS, 2D sprite, 3D? Is the item something that will be put down again, or will it become part of the player permanently? Do you need animation of the action of picking something off the floor? Is the item on the floor?

Hopefully those questions will explain why the normally calm PenguinTD reacted like that.

You do come over like someone saying “Make my game for me”. Now, let’s start at the beginning: talk to us about your game, and then people can start to talk to you about bones.

There’s an entire youtube series on ‘Inventory Systems’ or something like that. So the short answer is - Go to youtube.com and type in UE4 Inventory. In fact that works with most of the problems I’ve had. Simple fix for almost everything.