Hey how to interpolate a number vector whatever

How to do the math to interpolate a number, so it goes to destination number without exceeding that number or worse?

native static final function float Lerp ( float A, float B, float Alpha );

native static final function vector	VLerp ( vector A, vector B, float Alpha );

See Object.uc for an assortment of native interpolation functions available.

Can I see source there thanks?

The source isn’t exposed in UDK, but wouldn’t be anything fancy. You just take the difference between the two values, multiply it by the alpha (percentage of the lerp) and add that to the A value.

I did something like this that I saw on some public source…

//Neongho; it will interpolate 2 numbers WIP
function InterpolateNumbers(ActualNumber, InterpSpeed, FinalNumber )
var ReturniveNumber;

    return ActualNumber + ((ActualNumber/99) * (FinalNumber-ActualNumber));

Well it does interolate between 2 numbers, Actual and final… Interp speed not used…