Hey how to change Canvas default font?

Remember that Engine.GetMediumFont()? And it draws on screen canvas,setText from the DrawHUD() funcition,
how to change the font??? I want some roman looking font for game.

Also is there anyway to get which is the actual resolution of game engine to then do math so it draws cool canvas ? Thansk

Hey guys would you like to make UDK 2 lets ask tim sweeney if we can?

Look in the localization files. GFxUI.int and GFxUI.jpn. Can you change the fonts in there?

As for getting the viewport size…

local vector2D ViewPortSize;

Blockquote Look in the localization files. GFxUI.int and GFxUI.jpn. Can you change the fonts in there?

I will check IDK What you exactly mean though

local vector2D ViewPortSize;


I changed fonts on gfxui.int and nothing it remains as the good ol font… Any idea?

Did you import the font using these directions UDK | ImportingFonts ? Does the font show up correctly in the Font Properties window? Are you running the game in English or in Japanese?

Well if necessary I can make video, I did point in the GFxUI.int the SPQR font and still nothing change don the UDK, it won’t import though shouldn’t it display an error or something maybe in the log files? I will check soon.
Thanks a lot Nathaniel, every year that UDK passes I love UDK more and more because of it’s optimization lack of complexity and that it does not have 1000 useless features… : P

Ok i did it i followed some philosophy that it is best to change files, overwrite, and so in the content browser I changed the name of the fonts matching the fonts that i desired.

File replacement was the way.

And basically watching this tut to,Importing fonts into the UDK - YouTube