Hey, Hey! Switching from Unity to UE4

I’m a longtime Unity user, but as much as I love it, it just feels lacking. So, after a lot of debate, I’ve decided to switch to UE4. Anyway, I just wanted to drop-in, say hi, and maybe see if there are any other former Unity users here?

Welcome! :smiley:
Make sure to take a look at this site:

Hello! :slight_smile:
And welcome to UE4!!! (I only used Unity for some quick level design.)

hi and welcome:)

there’s quite a few I’ve seen.

i’m an example of an ex-unity user

Thanks for the welcome, guys! :slight_smile:

Mind if I ask, was the transition easy?

yea. I just had to get used to a different interface. I may uninstall unity since i don’t use it

I was thinking interface might be the part that trips me up a bit. I’ve already uninstalled Unity.

“Hi, I’m John, I am a former Unity user… I haven’t used Unity in 2 weeks”

“Hi John”

LOL … I felt like that when I moved away from Torque 3D … everyone standing around me saying “Hi Q” … all the while knowing how they disapproved of my previous choice. 8-}

Anyway, welcome all ex-Unity users, I hope you enjoy your stay and let us know if we can be of any assistance. 8-}

“You know, some days, the urge gets really strong… I just want to fire up the latest Unity, do some quick prototyping then test it out on my iPad. I know I can do it real quick, it’s just that I know it’s wrong to do it. That’s when immediately I go to my laptop and start looking at all the latest Unreal Engine 4 videos. Soon I’m browsing the Unreal Marketplace and the urge starts fading. That’s my go-to strategy, it keeps me on track, keeps me from, you know, slipping up…”


On a more serious note I did expect a lot more disdain for Unity users on these forums. I have been pleasantly surprised thus far.

Why? UE and Unity are only tools to make a product with?

Welcome to the greatest community and (of course) the best engine available ������

Epic and the Moderators frown on that type of behavior. Everyone is welcome here and even those who are still using Unity … and as ShadowKindGames said, UE and Unity are merely tools and I would like to add that people are free to choose and use the tools that suits them best.

I’m an Ex-Unity user, if you’re into this sort of stuff. Have a look at the shooter demo, it’s a good way to get a feel for everything you need. I recently stripped it down to core components and learned to fix common errors like cooking, learned how to re-distribute BP classes and generally look into how a game should be set up in UE. It was fun, I wouldn’t say UE is for the faint of heart but it’s not like Unity where you start at the bottom and have a linear progression into doing a homer S. where you spin around on the floor shouting woop.

It sets the standard out of the gate and you follow on from there which is nice. You’ll love it and welcome!.

I was also a longtime Unity user, almost 6 years actually. Glad to see you make the change, it is well worth it. :slight_smile: