Hey guys lets make a tower defence game, together...

So instead of placing down towers we place down satellites above a virtual earth and the player has a selection from the gun mounts (s)he has unlocked like in plants vs zombies except your given satellites as spots where you can place them, and not in one straight line so scattered about and the player can take control over a selected and mounted gun on a satellite and then attack aliens, UFOs, asteroids, meteors, and then if the player so wishes they can then click the gun again.

Also the ability to change it back to auto aim and fire, and the earth explodes after the health is at 0% and the wave of asteroids and UFOs, meteors, aliens, etc will stop coming when the icon for the UFO has reached the end of the bar.

Next we want to have unlockable gun mounts and limit the player’s positions as to where the satellites are and finally for every time the earth is saved the variable(funds) increases by $1,800 for every asteroid, alien, meteor, and UFO destroyed.

Next the player can spend his(or her) funds on new satellites and gun mount upgrades, there will be 500 waves in the entire game, for now this is only to demo what falconsoft industries can do, to prove we are worthy of making new ground breaking titles, far better than this one and that can make the entire team profits.

If we get this game popular enough we might even make a 1st ever falconsoft industries “Earth defence online” where the players have two teams one aliens, the other humans. The goal to wipe out the other enemy team of 24 players before the clock runs out from 16 minutes and re-spawning from kills on players and the team with the most kills or the prevents earth from being destroyed before the clock runs out or that the enemy(aliens) destroys the earth first, etc wins.

the 1st game will be 2.5d and the second will be full on 3d.

Now before we start we need the following:

  • 14 texture designers
  • 6 model and sprite designers
  • 4 audio technicians
  • 8 programmers including me
  • 1 level designer
  • 4 gameplay testers
  • 4 store licensed publishers for ios and googleplay and windows 10 store for the 2nd game if we ever choose to include in-app purchases so people can just download and begin playing and yeah if they want extra armour or etc like stronger guns so that way they get premium items by buying xstro’s but should they just want a free game to play for fun well that’s entirely up to the player either way we make money
  • the xstros will cost $6 for 8,000, $10 for 14,000

just a little update here:

you need to learn that nobody wants to make your game for you and if you want to make a game then you have to go and make it by yourself.

Listen I clearly stated that it was a team effort and I would be a team member in the list of people working on this project.

emphasis on including me… :smiley: have a nice day and enjoy your time as a member of this great community but I wouldn’t go calling false accusations about people getting everyone to do all the work while I do nothing because that would be nasty and could get you into a lot of trouble here with a admin or moderator. ah heck mod’s one post above is trolling.
here I have proof see below:

Well, I think I’m with Neurocase on this one.

On top of that you’re thinking about selling the game and/or doing IAPs but nowhere in your post is it mentioned whether this is a paid, royalty based or unpaid project. And as soon as you think of making money with something like this, people will want to get paid. If you’re working on this project yourself as well is not important in this case.

Are you kidding? If so, well done.
If not hum.

I really wish epic would clean up these posts by kids (no offense but it’s usually the case) who think that there is a world of people who want to make their game for them.

No one is going to help you unless you pay them, every now and then a couple of friends (as in 2 or 3 people) get together and create a game, then random people who like what’s happening come in and volunteer to create the odd weapon or level for the team; counter-strike, dota and many other games that started as small indie mods began like this, sometimes they’ll chip in together and pay some superstar artist for a couple AAA player models.

Falcosoft, I don’t blame you for having a dream, I’ve seen this sort of post quite literally in the hundreds of times by now, there is a couple of them a week, it just ****** me off that epic doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with this.

Here is an article I like to link to when I see this sort of thing: How not to start a mod - Cube Wiki .

@Neurocase: What exactly is your point? Epic and the Moderators allow anyone to post on here, there is nothing wrong with the posts made regardless of whether you believe so or not. If anything, you are currently borderline with your accusations and general bad behavior on this thread. If you have nothing constructive to add then please rather not say anything at all. There is nothing wrong with this thread or the posts by the OP. Thanks.

Please let me redirect you to: Forum Rules/Code of Conduct

A couple of things. First, this seems like an absolutely huge team for what sounds like a fairly simple game design. I would suggest trying to aim for a maximum of 5 people on the team, a programmer or two, maybe 2/3 artists and someone to help with audio. If you can find the right people, you could easily do this with a team of 3 based on your description.

Secondly, you have advertised this job posting as unpaid, but mention it will have in-app purchases. You will probably need to change this to a royalty-based posting, and have a legal contract drawn up for team members to avoid any legal wrangles over who is entitled to what cut of any revenue generated.

Good luck!

I clearly stated that if the demo, gets popular enough we will make the second game.

I should have taken into account that in app purchases should be available in both versions to right the wrongs I have done by not mentioning that in the first place.
However it is true that I must admit that I forgot to mention we would all get a share of the profits, 100% to each employee for every employee 1 market to post it on and get 100% of the profits from that market minus the publishing and licensing fee for that store.

Including the 5% for using unreal engine to market it to the store after we have finished developing it and began making profits, etc.

:slight_smile: have a nice day guys

Also if you don’t find a store to publish to, you could work as a group in the team splitting the profits 50-50 in one store and say for example a player pays $10.00 you get $5.00 each and every time a player pays $6.00 you get $10.00 each now picture 100 players in 5 minutes $6.00 or $10.00 or both that’s at least $1000 in 5 minutes and if the player spreads word about the game it grows with popularity and the cash rakes in faster say $100,000 in 30 minutes at the minimum.

depending on whether or not there are 2 members involved in one store splitting the profits equally shall determine how much money gets passed around to each employee, if there is less than 2 then the above goes as follows for one employee how ever should there be more than 1 employee involved then the $10,000 in 30 minutes will be $5,000 for each employee involved in the store group never the less they will stay in the falconsoft industries family. But big money can be made over time its just a matter of finding appropriate ways to reward the player for buying in app purchases in the first game as well as the second game.

so if a moderator would kindly change this to a royalty topic and state that their will be in app purchases for both versions of the games, my humblest apologies for the misunderstanding about the way the team is organised.

Falconsoft, i am not really sure about you, because of all your other started threads.
It makes it hard, to take you serious.
You are talking so(too) much, about making money through your project, but not about the project itself.
Aside that, your numbers are way to unrealistic.

You stated some time ago, that you are a 3dmodeler, but when someone asked you about samples, you go silence.
Or your thread, where you offered free models, there is silence too.
Show us pls some coder work, you had already done, to gather interest, and to believe in you.
I personally would like to see some of your own models too.
No insult.
Best regards

If I had a domain name and (.com) part of my site I would showcase my work, and its that very reason that I cannot display them so in order for me to showcase professionally i would need some cash to get started so i will go to the casino this xmas and try to whip up enough to get that site started.

What? You know just said you have a site… But not a dot com? What?

Again you’re dodging showing us you can actually contribute to a project. You clearly lack the skills, and to manage a team of the size you’ve listed, I seriously doubt you’d succeed.

I did a search on your name… You have 5 projects JUST ON THE ONE PAGE with you trying to start projects with people or trying to sell your services - music, and art.

Show valuable contributions or the chance of you getting people to help for free isn’t happening.