Hey guys, just want to introduce myself

Hi everybody!

I’m going to build a multi-level, Paper 2D game with UE 4.10. This is my first video game, so I’m going to run into a lot of speed bumps and issues that will need help resolving.

So I’m going to give high details and quality screenshots expressing each issue, of course. But more important to the community, I will also ensure that the resolution is clearly detailed and documented… with screenshots, external resources and clear steps on how to resolve.

So keep an eye on my posts please, and together we’ll work together to add just a little more quality resources on the UE4 Answerhub :wink:



Welcome aboard! However, forums are nicer place to introducing you and your work(s). this way you can attract and get feedback from more people.

Welcome and good luck.

Nice good to know! Will do :wink: