Hey guy's I was wondering

would it be possible to get a bulk nanite converter, maybe it searches the file tree to load up on file at a time convert that to nannite unload the model and then move on to the next mesh.

File Juggler That’ file organizes downloads by content into folders, a feature like this would be great on import.

Also instead of making long chanis of folders, that get bury content deep inside folders, that project that I’m working on had a folder at the top level for enums on for structs, one for textures ect, and that is super nice to find and navigate the content.

Also would it be possible when connecting to source control, to get a “this is made for dummies” interface that is way easier to connect to source control, Most ppl that I’ve talked with have not been able to successfully set up source control. I’ve been creating copies of my file just incase something goes wrong, I know source control is the way to go but git and perforce are super confusing.

Also multi user editing would be awesome to have built in, 25$ a head for scene fusion is out of reach, now that most software has become monthy subscriptions. Especially when it’s just a hobby.

also hair is super expensive as there can be millions of hairs, I was wondering if one strand can be instanced over and over, would that be more efficient?

Also with world partition it might be even more efficient to only enable the collision on the bit of landscape that the player is actually standing on, it’s not the mesh that is heavy but if there is a way to lock the z position of ai into location until that collission is actually needed, maybe it’d be possible to make the collisions more efficient too?