Hey everyone i got an question UE4-27

So I want to make Procedural Generator like the backrooms
and I have no idea how I didn’t find anything on YouTube, so Could someone help me out?

Hello Tevtongermany, and thank you for posting your great idea.

The Backrooms sure are a great arc of the SCP Foundation. There’s something about liminal spaces that really excites us all.

Onto your actual question:
Your request is rather big but I did find a pretty neat video worth watching. The video is lengthy but the creator does explain many of the concepts and walks you through most of the work needed.

WARNING: This is an external link and as the end user, you are responsible should something happen to your device when you choose to click a link or follow steps that are not endorsed by Epic.

UE4 - Procedural Dungeon - Part 1 by ToadNet

I hope this information provided a good start to your Backrooms inspired project.

thanks :+1:

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