Hey everyone, I am having an issue when I duplicated an enemy the animations stopped working on the duplicate but the original works fine. Any Ideas on how to fix this?

Issue with duplicate enemy

When You duplicate an enemy, it’s name changes.
If you’re using a blendspace and an animation BluePrint (which is VERY likely), then you have to make sure that while calculating speed, you refer to the new enemy that you duplicated, in (Cast to…) nodes & some others. (if you’re using speed & direction for changing states in your animBP & Blendspace, which is also VERY likely)
Also just in case check that in the new enemy blueprint select your mesh (character) & under animation in the details panel on the right, the animation mode is set to ‘Use Animation Blueprint’ and below that in ‘Anim Class’, the class that you created is selected.
Hope it helps,
& Since we are on the same page creating enemies, please check out my question on my profile (Might show up late since it has gone for approval since it is my first post ) & answer if you can.

Worked! Thank you!