Hey Epic Games

VALVe’s Source 2 has custom geometry for projected decals.

Will we get this support in Unreal Engine 4?

Im guessing it will be part of this trello item: so you might want to add a vote to that. I am already looking into doing an implementation for my game, as I kind of need it, so if I do end up getting anywhere, I will release a . No promises though, as I have no idea how long it will take me to get to.

I already voted, and I can see there are lots of good feedback…

Geometry decals? That’s an interesting one.

In theory not too hard to implement yourself, just take the regular Decal actor and swpa a few of it’s components to use a mesh instead. Although, I can see this system having a tonne of visual artefacts, more so than regular decals.

I could probably use such decals.