Hey! Can someone please help me fix my game? I moved some folders and ruined it!!

Please could someone help ressurect my game! I was moving some folders around to tidy it up and now I’ve broken everything! I’ve been working on this game for a while now, it’s devestating to see it go to waste! I will pay if someone can fix my game for me! I have the auto save files! Thank you so much!

Hey Jaxalad, welcome to the forums!

Okay. First things first, let’s slow down here. Take a deep breath. It’s hard to look at things objectively when you’re worked up, so do that before you continue reading :slight_smile:

Now, what exactly did you do? Did you move folders around in windows? Or did you move them within the content browser?

What are the symptoms? Will the game start? Do you have backups? Or only autosaves?

IF YOU USED WINDOWS TO MOVE THINGS, DO NOT TAKE MORE ACTIONS. We want the “Undo” history as fresh as it can be.

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It sounds to me like you’re doing the “tidy” outside the engine am I right? If so, the reason for that is if you moved things around you need to tell the engine where the new location is. The best way to do this is by using the engine itself to move things around.

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Try finding the broken links with the content browser and using “asset browser” to find where they are linked to and redirect them. It might take a while depending on how much you moved outside of the engine, but you can fix them individually… As long as you haven’t deleted anything it’s repairable, but the amount of time it takes to fix all the directors might be insurmountable if it was a lot. You may have to delete the old references and point them to the new folder location. Try clicking on your content browser and select fix up redirectors every time you make folder moves. Be careful deleting anything until it’s solidly working and you verify that it’s utilizing the new folder location(in the content browser)

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@Jaxalad If you do this (which you should from here on out!) make sure you right click the “Content” directory in the content browser and click “Fix Up Redirectors” after EVERY file move!

So the reason for this is every single thing in the engine gets a unique “Name” in the engine to identify it faster during creation and gameplay for the purposes of making connections and references. Even if you cut/paste something it will give that pasted item a new code. If you move it without fixing up the redirectors you’ll start getting “I can’t find this” errors from everything else -including the engine itself- and if it doesn’t throw errors it’ll just run far, far slower.

I know that doesn’t add to the answering of the question, but I felt it would be good to make sure you know that moving forward.