Hey can anybody look at my PC build?

I’m trying to build a computer for Unreal Engine, I was wondering if this build I have would be good enough. I’d like to stay under $1500 but go as cheap as possible without losing any major performance to be able to create.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not really a hardware expert.

That should be perfectly fine

Looks good. If you have the money, bump up the SSD to 250GB, 120GB can be a big pain in the *** since the OS, it’s temp files and AppData fills it up pretty quickly. I had huge problems working with Zbrush that refuses to put it’s HUGE temp files anywhere but the C: drive that was already almost full.

Worth noting is that the case is really nice but doesn’t have much thin filters, so make sure to have the right airflow so it doesn’t suck in all the dust in your room. I have two of it for my other machines and one is completely dust free while one got very dusty since I had my fans setup a bit stupidly. Also the CPU cooler you got is by far the best cheap cooler you can find! Good choice :slight_smile: I have two of it in the machines I just mentioned and it works great, very quiet and very good cooling for something with that price tag. Also the XFX Double Dissipation is a really good version of the 290, I have the DD version of 280X in my other computer and it’s very cold and quiet.

Hey thanks for the replies guy really appreciate the input.