Hey and thanks! (Linux)

Hey! I am registered already for a year+, but haven’t written anything.
At first I got to use UE on Win computer and it run OK, pc itself wasn’t a monster.
Then for various reasons I had a huge break.
Installed UE on an iMac, which has decent specs well above the requirements posted by Epic.
Performance was terrible, at first it was some 8-9 fps, then when I assigned a material to a mesh in BP class editor, it took a considerable amount of time.
Performance fell to 3-4 fps and then computer hanged, had to perform hard reset.
As right now I don’t have a win computer, I decided to build for Linux on a laptop, which is a bit bellow the system requirements.
And I want to thank Epic games for such a great implementation of the engine on Linux, building went super smooth (though I had to manually install clang).
Otherwise I would say it’s basically as simple as installation, of course building and downloading required assets took a considerable amount of time.
And performance of the UE Editor itself is great with highest quality settings.
So, yeah OS X experience wasn’t the greatest.
But, Epic, you are awesome, for being so progressive with the Linux support! Thanks!

Thank you for the kind words. Linux support wouldn’t be as smooth and easy without the help of our generous Linux community, who contributes a lot to it.