Hey,all. I got an issue after I updated to newest 4.18.

Hey, I just updated my 4.18, and some of my synth components can’t work. It can works in 4.18 preview 3. Does anyone get the same issue?

It’s one of my blueprint which can’t run well.

Hi Vvlay9090, can you describe what is no longer working? Video capture will help us understand better.

Thanks for replying. Here is the video.

This one is no longer working.

What are your patching settings? Hate to have broken you – looks like you’re working on something really cool. :smiley:

Thanks, Minus. It’s my solo project, and I will performance that next month, so a little bit nervous…hhh… I send 2 pictures, are they patching settings? :rolleyes:
btw, Is that possible that I can switch to 4.18 preview 3?

Oh, I fix that… just turn on ‘auto activate’, then it works…Default one is not on…

Ah, right – I found that synth components were getting activated 3 times in a row, starting-stoping-starting-stoping-starting. So I turned off auto-activate by default. You can still enable it.

You can also just use “Start” on the synth to get it to work.

I just saw your trailer on youtube and tweeted it out… 'Frames' trailer by BANBANBANBAN - YouTube

Love it! Great job. :slight_smile: