Hey guys,

I have just released a pre alpha demo of my first UE4 game Hexasphere on indieDB which is in the early stages of development. It’s inspired by the PS1 classic Kula World

Heres a little gameplay video to give you a better idea of the game

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Looking pretty cool, I only have two comments, the camera seems a little rigid especially when going around corners/edges but thats a design choice I suppose. My other one is that the Time Remaining/Passed and Health? bar is almost directly in the middle of the sight lines of the player and therefore a little distracting. I vaguely remember Kula World, looks like it should be fun :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the feedback. To clarify the hud/ui is not final and is purely there for testing, pretty much all the visuals are just placeholders until I’m further along the development. As for the camera I will look into making the rotation smoother.