Hex to Decimal

I dont know, but if not then you can
set a var DecimalValue to 0, then convert the hex number to a string, loop over each character. On each loop:

  1. Set a var DigitValue to 10 for “A”, 11 for “B” … 15 for “F” and of course 0 for “0”, 1 for “1” etc.
  2. Set another var SixteensPlace to the lastindex of the whole string minus the loop index.
  3. Multiply DigitValue by the result of 16 raised to the SixteensPlace power, and add that result to DecimalValue.

when the loop is complete, DecimalValue should have the value in Base 10 equivalent to the Hexadecimal value it was given, If I did my math right. I hope i did. You can check it with an online hex to dec converter.


is there any function which converts Hexadecimal number to Decimal number in Blueprints?