Hex Tile Sphere


I am trying to make a Civilization hex tile like map, but instead of on a cylinder, I’d like to make it a sphere (image below). I have read a bit on the subject and the math is over my head. Does anyone know of a plugin or other work around that could systematically create this shape while being able to pick a size (number or hex tiles)? I can create the shape in blender just fine, but when back in UE4 I cannot find the coordinates to each mesh piece. Also, I think I need each tile to be an actor so I can control units, buildings, and other factors on the tile.

Thanks in advance. Matt

I think you either have to do a lot of math programming, or you could do it in a material:

Might be some way to figure out where the hexes are in the material and spawn a hex actor at that location, maaayyybbbeee…


I got completely side-tracked on a “hey this would be a good idea” when I’m still just learning unreal and my first project doesn’t actually “need” it LOL…

anyway I found this… algorithm - Mathematically producing sphere-shaped hexagonal grid - Stack Overflow

might be helpful… I was 1/4 way in converting it to a blueprint when I realized I should learn unreal’s basics before I jump into triangles/vertex/normal’s etc

I ended up going to a flat world (attempting cylindrical) because every cast needs to be on some type of arc to be a repeatable process for each tile. this was just too hard for my small brain. additionally, i was noticing that it was harder to keep track of the game while spinning the world. even though its a great idea for some games, a 4x I personally think is better served on a flat world even through the map projection is off. thanks for the replies.