Hex Grid Snap In Game

Anyone know of a way to build a grid in-game that works for hexes?

The current way I have I created using '3 Prong Gaming’s RTS tutorial.

It works fine for a normal square grid, but i’m working with hexes here…

Hexas work in a totally different way. A Google search could have saved you some time, as it has been discussed already a million times.

You have numerous possibilities, here is a great collection of grids you can work with: Hexagonal Grids

I have googled, and yes I realise that its been discussed alot. But I can’t seem to find a way of actually building it in Unreal. As for that website, i’ve already seen it, and as far as I can tell, it just tells me how Hexes work. Which I already knew.

What blocks you from building it in Unreal? I guess you’re creating meshes or actors for your square grid, and you spawn them to locations based on X, Y (using Grid Snap). Now as for hexas, you spawn them the same way, except that you can’t use “snapping” like that, as every odd row is shifted, so you have to calculate the location of a hexa tile yourself, for which the method is described in blog posts, just like the one I have linked.

here’s how i made a hex grid generator if this helps at all. i would need to look into it some for to find out how to do it with a cursor.