Hex Generation, the power of Unreal

I have been working somewhat on a plugin that will generate Hexes with an Actor Controller for hex regions, but I was recently playing with my not-so-perfect code (You will see in the video) and was shocked at just how many meshes can be spawned (InstancedStaticMeshes) before things become unusable, and I mean dropping the fps to 20 to 25 in the editor.

Here is the video:

[video]- YouTube

Each Hex is a Mesh, not each group, it is a simple hex shaped mesh. Needless to say I was impressed with the performance…

One more note, I was using video capture (well, isn’t that obvious) so the FPS is about 50% lower than without video capture.

Obligatory hex spam of my own!

Yeah, ISM is dope! I remember times when I tried to create hex field and was using actor per hex(64+) with dynamic instanced material… And my VG could not handle that. I was so angry, but theen I discovered ISM and RandomPerInstance node in material graph and it was a godsend! :smiley: