Heroic Labs needs Input / feedback for Nakama C++ API

Hey everyone,

I recently came across the awesome folks over at Heroic Labs who are making a open-source server called Nakama which can be used for social and realtime games. It is cloud agnostic as well as open source under the Apache 2.0 license. So you can run it on Amazon EC2, Google Servers, etc. with no lock in from the software side. It can be used to make things from social games to MOBAs to MMOs.

They are currently making a UE4 integration for Nakama - However they need input / feedback from the Unreal Engine community for how the C++ side of the API should be structured. If anyone wants to help out with this join the gitter linked below.

You can find out more at -

Heroic Labs Gitter

Should function better than the current Steam implantation.

Is there a timeframe on this?

They are currently working on it and should be out soon. That is what I got from the gitter.

Thanks @HeadClot :slight_smile:

I’m one of the devs behind Nakama. We’ve made a good chunk of progress for a C++ Client library for Unreal, and I’m hoping that it would be done in 3weeks time roughly.

It would be good if you guys could take a look at Nakama and tell me if there is anything missing feature-wise so we can bake it in as well. There is a public roadmap available on GitHub.

**** this looks awesome! This is perfect for my 2D Coop Sidescroller game! Will it be exposed to BP or just C++? Luckily I switched over to C++ recently :smiley:

Haha - thanks!

We are working directly with the C++ layer for the time being with the potential of creating a Blueprint client in the future. I would love to know what percentage of the community only use BP or prefer BP to C++ and gauge interest that way. Any feedback is appreciated.

Hey @mofirouz - I use BP quite heavily in addition to code plugins :slight_smile:

@HeadClot - Great - I’ll take your usage into consideration :slight_smile:

Could somebody write an example project for a Nakama implementation?