HeroFPP Arms. Extracting and editing them

If I take the default first person heroFPP arms from the content browser and export them as an FBX and import them into max, how would someone go about editing the geometry of the arms and throwing it back together without breaking it? I’m still a beginner and I’m trying to learn how I can do a couple things.

I couldn’t find anything in the wiki, or any documentation. Any links, or help would be really nice. I’m sure it’s probably something easy and I just lack the experience to know it.

You can do that, I did it, but for edit the mesh you need to delete the “Skin” property first, then you will be able to edit the arms as you like and then you will need to rig them to the bounds another time (Skin them again).

There are a loot of tutorials on how to rig models, look for UDK rig tutorial or somethink similar.

Cool, thanks. I just figured it’d be easier because they’re already proportioned and “there” lol. Thanks for the tip.