Heroes of Might and Magic like

Hey everybody,

I have just started somthing similar to Heroes of Might and Magic / Eador. Currently I am wrapping my head around to figure out, what is the best way of having units stored on my heroes during gameplay. Every unit shuld be a pawn class and got about 20 Attributes. Including his own progression with experience, level ups and a skilltree. I dont need multiple units on a stack. I searched for Tmaps, structs eventdispatchers etc. But it is all a bit overwhelming. They shoul all be just one creature (so more Eador than HoMM in that case)

So my question is what is the best scaleable way to store / carry around those units on the world map on my heroes? They should then be “spawnable” when I swich to a combat level. Each player can have multiple heroes. I hope someone can give me a good way to go with that :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

You need to store them in array of structures (structure that contains unit name, quantity, blueprint actor,…), and when you want to spawn them, call the information from that specific structure of array and transfer all the info when starting a battle…