Heroes of Ark

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Heroes of Ark is a fast pace Hack ‘n’ Slash game developed solely. Strive for next generation high end mobile device for pretty and extreme graphics. Heroes of Ark has been ranked Top 3 in SlideDB for “Players Choice Best Upcoming App 2016” and as well “Top 50 Apps of 2016”!

The world was once peace, the hell king is betrayed by his brother and his brother released the demons from hell to the world again. This starts the adventure. The story starts by his brother took away all his power, and he’s on the way to retrieve all the powers he had and have his revenge…

There’s quite some mechanics such as players are able to switch weapon during combat :

  • Hell Blade (Version 1.0)
  • Devil Fist & Boot (Future release)
  • Death Sword (Future release)
  • Hell Orb (Future release)
  • Hell Shield (Future release)
  • Etc …

By only the first weapon, Hell Blade, there’s unlimited of combo and upgrades that player can performs. Skills can be combined and match with other skills to fit what you need during fast pace combat.

Gain style rank points to get more rewards, to power up and buy skills. Weapon will be acquired through boss fight and chapter clear, introduction of boss, minions through cinematic style, shielded enemy can parry and has more percentage of counter attack and much much more!!!

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Heroes of Ark is free to download and play, but has optional in-app purchases which cost real money.

Ⓒ2016-2017 Hyuen Entertainments Group. Heroes of Ark is a trademark of Hyuen Entertainments Group, Sky Tan. All rights reserved.

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Looks good! Keep up the good work

Thank you! More levels and contents are coming soon.:smiley:

Hello over here!

First impression: Big wow! Really impressive graphics and quality.

My two cents though:

  • The sword anim trail is way too flashy you can barely see what is going on in fights
  • I was missing a hit feedback on the enemy and maybe a health bar but I’m not sure about this (highly depends on your game design), but I felt like it took time to kill enemies so a health bar would help the player know how close he is to killing them
  • I felt like the character animation could need more blend time, but it might make them look a lot weaker, but it definitely needs tweaking

I know it is a work in progress but I had to point these out as they really stand out for me.

Really impressive work overall, looking forward your next update. GG!

GL HF in your projects everyone :slight_smile:

Hi Yun-Kun. Thank you very much for your wise comments! Yeah sword anim trail definitely is too flashy and broad. We’ll be tweaking this. As for HP bar, we intended to go this style as we do not want players to know enemy’s current health except boss fight like DMC. As for animation, as it’s a face pace hack and slash game like DMC, so the animation might not have a long blend in-out time to make it more fast and “pop”! But nonetheless, thanks for your comments! Stay tune for next update!! GL in your projects!:slight_smile:

Personally, I’m a fan of the quick and flashy sword slashes! If you want to change them in a way that suits it better, then go for it! Just wanted to let you know that they’re by no means bad as they are now ^^

Little preview of new skills added to spice up the combo for blade weapon.

The game looks very polished and beautifull.

Added more sound fx and tweak more elements to the Chapter 1-1. Still more to tweak but it’s a more playable prototype now on the Chapter 1-1 Complete. Refer to post 1 video for updates!

Preview of Chapter 1-2 :slight_smile:

A launch to Android ES2. It’ll perform better if launch on Vulkan later on once preparation done.

Hi Guys!

Finally it’s time for an update after a while. There has been numerous update on Heroes of Ark Mobile - Hack ‘n’ Slash on Mobile!

First of all, loading screen!! There’s finally a proper loading screen with various loading screen depends on the chapter you’re on! Currently of course, Chapter 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Secondly, is the new stage of Chapter 1. As you may have seen some videos on Chapter 1, but Chapter 1 is a long one… here’s a preview of Stage 3 of Chapter 1.


Thirdly, the biggest update for the Guarding Statue! Previously the guardian statue DOESN’T has any guiding system and that means player has to find the key which match the guarding to start the opening gate process. Now player is able to check out the directions of the key which needed to insert to the statue for clearing seal. Here’s some screenshot.


That’s all for this update! Be sure to subscribe our youtube channel and remember to follow us! :slight_smile:

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Battle Music : Devil May Cry 3 Battle Theme
GUI Icons - Temporary source from Dota 2

New updates : Minions added rigid body physics after die, new targeting system, third person view combat etc.

The first boss of Heroes of Ark Mobile, The Hunter - Always Hunger for Flesh

Yes of course the name fits well the creature boss. All the human that it had consume leave a skeleton behind and it’s able to summon it whenever it wants. It controls the first round of human death :). Have fun in the below boss fight video, still early stages, more to refine later on. On the other hand, had some work on the lobby area as well for stage selection and player upgrades page.

Heroes of Ark is launching soon!