Heroes (and villains) -- unite!!

So I was told by the UE fellows on twitter to post here about my awesome project, so here it is!

Project Title: EPIC Heroes & Villains!

Note: Think Planetside meets Champions Online meets Hero Online but way better!

[Story Line Progress: ]
Thanks to modern science we have now found the way to alter the human DNA to allow our bodies to do whatever it is that we can imagine, we have cured cancer and annihilated all other known diseases to man that threaten our beautiful planet, but now we have an even greater threat than disease, criminals started breaking into top secret labs for DNA alteration schematics to give them selves super abilities, things that we have never thought imaginable!

Since then there has been an increasingly large amount of unstoppable crime around the cities, our modern low life criminals are now turning into what we once read about in comics, super villains!

I am Captain Falco, I am the one solely responsible for the creation of the WWSF (World Wide Super Friends) which actively works around the clock to help restore peace to our homes.

I have worked hard to establish very top secret bases here in NYC, Chicago, LA, and Washington among other places outside of our country for all WWSF members to train at and to keep safe out of evils grasp.

The planet we once knew, the country and countries we once loved will never be able to return to normal as long as evil is provailing, we are the new peace keepers of the world, now suit up and get ready… you are about to embark on one hell of a journey!

[Game Play Features : Idea Board]

  • The main WWSF HQ will be based out of NYC

  • Epic Heroes & Villains will be modeling ALL of NYC as an open world map (yes, the entire city!)
    (this will allow for PLENTY of places, but we’re going to need a LOT of good modeling architects!)

  •  Heroes (and Villains) will be able to modify their own DNA via learning the coding, thus allowing them to have any super power they want!
     (You cannot have more than 2 powers though as we have not found a way from keeping our DNA from breaking apart) (slowly killing us)
  •    Villains will be able to take control of city blocks as they conquer territory, allotting them [x] amount of goons to safe guard territory.
  •      Both Heroes and Villains will be able to create various gadget types.. grappling guns, laser beams, bionic arms and legs, ocular implants for better vision, boomerang ninja stars, and a whole lot more!
  •       As Heroes and Villains both use their powers, such as speed, or flight, or super jump, the powers will better over time as they strengthen, so flight will be faster, laser beam eyes will be stronger, and running will be much speedier!  
  •        Heroes and Villains upon creation will have the ability to capture their face to put it onto the character to make it as unique as possible.
  •        Heroes and Villains will be able to design their own custom outfits, drawing designs or patterns on them (that are mod approved).
  •        Players can help construct maps with their super power abilities, thus allowing REAL-TIME map creation with devs.
           (e.g. a player can use super strength and fly a block to the top or use telekinesis to move objects, etc..)
           (this would also allow for players to earn additional in game coinage as well for awesome items)

Please help me spread this message, and help me and Captain Falco destroy the evil within this world, or help ‘Dr. Death’, the leader of the Super Villain Alliance spread the evil love around the planet to help destroy man kind as we know it.

(friendly) Comments and feedback welcomed :slight_smile:
– I would really love some help getting this kicked off, maybe EPIC can help to make this EPIC game?! :slight_smile: