Hey guys!

Well, I’ve been working on a project for a while, and I think it’s time to get the news out there!
HERO is an Adventure-Puzzle game in which you, the Hero, venture out to the end of the world to relight the sun.

My names , aka . I am currently hard at work on this game, HERO! So… what is hero? Simply put, it’s a adventure puzzle game in which you, the Hero, adventure to the end of the world to relight the sun! The game is atmospheric based, and the environment is very important in telling the story, since not a line of Dialog will be implemented. MORE INFO COMING LATER!


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New update on IndieDB!

Loving the art and style so far…

Would you by any chance be looking for any help with animation / building a locomotion system?

I’m not quite sure yet, but I’ll post an update whenever I need such help! Thanks a lot!

People usually launch unreal, and start trying to make something outstanding, and simi-life. Your attempt to sue the engine in such a way to make a minimalism game, is really something grabbed my attention :slight_smile: I do always believe that games with their values and gameplay,…probably story if there is one. But not with their AAA millions of polygons!

Good job,…looking forward for more news about it!


New Update!

This time, I have a little update video!

Update link:

Quick Update List:

-New Graphic styling
-Reprogrammed Puzzle Stuff
-New Name: HERO - Relight
-New Dungeon
-Developing Story
-New Character: “Aro”

I am a big fan of minimalism myself so I find this project quite interesting to follow. So far I am really liking the story idea as well…! The animation is very crude though but I am sure these are just placeholders. Keep it up.

Quick update:

I don’t think ima do my normal monthly update, so here’s a cool pic instead:

Hey - How did you get the blocky character into UE4? I personally have had trouble with characters like him.

Would you mind doing a tutorial or at least showing how this character was made?

Really curious :slight_smile:

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