Here's some bloody feedback

You want some feedback on this? Yeah sure, I got some feedback.
Now that I’ve calmed down from cursing your name and asking whatever hell awaits you to swallow you whole, here’s my Feedback.

How about letting me - CHOOSE - where I want it installed instead of telling me smack down THSI is where it’s going to be without any choice in hte matter.
It’s not that much to ask for now is it? But then again; I guess that TENCENT CCP Money demands it to be placed in a place they want.

I’m being hostile? I’m positively restrained compared to how this day has been going, how my head feels, and then this.

Now I fixed this issue by installing it, then moving it to a new location and telling it where it’s home is and it accepted that.
But that is not an IDEAL solution for any game or program, especially not in 2019+ .

And for that matter as well, it was a pain in the arse to find how to install Unreal Engine itself as it only proudly boasted that the new version was available for download but no how or where, until I on an irritated fluke after screaming loud enough for my neighbors to hear me in frustration, clicked on Library and found out that the little bugger was hiding there all along.

There. That’s my criticism and feedback.
Fix this so no one else has to break their neck to fiddle with it.

I feel you man, I feel you.

Let me add this to your criticism, UE4 to this day and for the love of all things Holy and for the love of how the basic human gestures and neurons work, does not, and I repeat, does not have a clear cut history of files opened from most recent ones to the oldest, Just look at the awful mess the UE4 startup library window shows.

I have been asking for a way for us users to pretty please know what was the most recent file opened and worked on inside the engine! Without us having to manually browse for them every time.

In even simpler terminology:

1 - Double click UE4 editor icon

2 - a window opens with minimum and I mean minimum display and text (please take Unity as an example please).

3 - In this window it shows a simple list and at the very top of the list is the displayed project name of the latest file you worked on and saved along with its modified date and file location.

Please don’t show us random images and large icons of my projects where I can’t tell what was opened when and why.

After 5 years on this engine and you’d think basic functions things like these would be set as priority. Is working on a UI like this really that hard or time consuming.

I don’t know why you’re unable to choose your installation location.
I just downloaded the Epic Launcher on my Laptop and was perfectly able to choose where i want to install it.

Well, to be honest, not completely: I was able to choose the main folder (C:\dev\ in my case), but it still enforced the Epic Games subfolder (so C:\dev\Epic Games), but i think that’s ok.

What operating system are you using? On Windows 10 i downloaded this launcher (it redirected me to since i am in Austria right now) and was able to choose the install location, as mentioned above. Perhaps installers on different operating systems don’t allow a custom installation path. Or try launching your Epic Launcher installer as administrator (in Windows 10 : rightclick on the install file -> run as administrator).

I am surprised my post got through. When I hit post and read that a moderator was gonna check it first, I assumed it’d get deleted.
So this was a positive surprise.

Yeah I haven’t even gotten into starting to fiddle with it yet William, but that sounds like a real hassle and it’s concerning that they haven’t fixed any of those.
Or rather, that whomever is the layout designer don’t seem to have any idea about what a good layout is, if I phrase it like that. Or whomever is responsible.

I use Win 10, 64x Stefan ( personally, Win 7 x64 was the best OS since 98SE & XP, really wish I had win 7 sometimes ), but this is the only program that refused to allow me installation folder forcing me to do it manually. But to it’s credit, at least the program isn’t insistent on it’s place so after moving it, it does ask to update it’s shortcut to the new place and that’s commendable.

This is really odd as Ive always seen the launcher default to C:\Program Files\ if anywhere, the fact it wants go to E:\Unreal Engine makes me feel like it was installing based on previously installed preferences.


Always able to choose and change my paths with ue4.
Also great writing OP, very mature!

MonsOlympus - Yes, UE3 a few years back.
However that shouldn’t end up as a forced install. Or to put it differently, if I wouldn’t have had the Harddrive plugged in, it’d still insist on being installed to a non-attached harddrive location. That’d be a huge problem regardless.

Luos - Nothing to do with Maturity. Everything to do with a bad day and it spilling over.

You can definitely tell it where to install…admittingly it isnt obvious I will admit, you’d think it would be on the actual install wizard like you’re screenshot :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest it confuses me everytime and I have to remember where it’s done :slight_smile:

Ok I take back what I said it was pretty simple. I clicked on the ‘install’ button on the launcher and it popped up a screen asking where I wanted to install it :slight_smile:

Oh look, another one of these! Show us on the doll where the bad launcher touched you.

seriously though, the fact that so many users simply find the launcher or the library ui such a hassle to use should be telling a bit no? I mean whats up with that, of all the software and engines i am familiar with i have never seen a ui of launcher get so much criticism from users as the one for epic. Is it that hard to create proper simple ui and functionality. I think simplicity in design structure is key here. I hace no idea why epic decided to go all ocer the place with it.