Here We Rise

Hey everyone!

So I’m working on my second game in UE4 and I call it Here We Rise. You can check out the Steam Concept page here, which I definitely hope you do:)


The year is 2036. A massive world war has ended recently, nearly wiping out the human race, robots ready to fire at anything they see now roam what used to be the worlds cities and wilderness, and you are one of the few survivors.

Play as Brandon, a survivor of the robotic war, as he navigates through earths new face of destruction and chaos, and attempts to destroy the main computer that all the robots take commands from. Brandon will need to avoid dangerous gangs of survivors, rescue others, and fight hordes of bots.

This game will challenge your gaming skills with its strategic fast-paced story and gameplay.

You will find pictures and the video on the Steam Concept page above.

Please tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Looks cool, if not a bit generic. I think some interesting narrative stuff or more advanced game mechanics would help.