Here there be Giants, scaling in unreal

So I’m working on a prototype for a first person fighting game with extremely large characters. And was wondering about scale. I’ve not worked with a game engine before, but I can imagine that things get a little bit unoptimised when you’re throwing around 80 metre characters on a 1km square level. Would it be a better idea to model everything at one quarter scale, or even at human sized? Or would there be benefits to having things at their real size. The plan is to eventually allow you to look around and interact with UI elements in a cockpit, which serves as your characters “head”. And I think that might require having things be at least somewhat close to their actual size.

Lighting and physics work with real-life measurements, so being as close to real as possible is preferred.

The physical size doesn’t really matter that much to performance, except in the case of LODs as LODs take physical size (relative to the camera) into account. As long as you account for the detail you’ll need at those sizes, you can make things as big as you want.