Here script for 3dsmax for convert Stingray <-> Standart Material

I write maxscript to convert Stingray Material <-> Standart Material.

You need to patch Unreal Engine source for work.

Open: **\Engine\Source\Editor\UnrealEd\Private\Fbx\FbxMaterialImport.cpp
**Look this method:

void UnFbx::FFbxImporter::CreateUnrealMaterial(FbxSurfaceMaterial& FbxMaterial, TArray<UMaterialInterface*>& OutMaterials, TArray<FString>& UVSets, bool bForSkeletalMesh)

You need add this lines after line 744:

CreateAndLinkExpressionForMaterialProperty(FbxMaterial, UnrealMaterial, FbxSurfaceMaterial::sSpecularFactor, UnrealMaterial->Roughness, false, UVSets, FVector2D(140, -228));
CreateAndLinkExpressionForMaterialProperty(FbxMaterial, UnrealMaterial, FbxSurfaceMaterial::sShininess, UnrealMaterial->Metallic, false, UVSets, FVector2D(140, -228));

Next you need build engine.

It allow to engine read additional 2 textures for Roughness and Metallic from Standart material placed like this.


Stingray material not support Specular.** If you convert Standart material to Stingray (to look in 3ds max viewport) - Specular saved to AO map, but not visible. **
Some screenshots:**
First - Stingray material
Second is converted to Standart (You can use it before export to UE4, and next return to stingray mat)



Next image after import to engine.


**Script attached to this post. **
To use it you need run script from 3ds max **Scripting **menu (Run Script menu item) and find in **Unreal **category. Drag buttons to toolbar to use it.


Update script. Now Specular saved betveen conversions.

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hey that’s neat - i how about running octane render and convert to standard materials - not sure what you’re rendering with, but if you’re up for it it would be cool - you can download a demo version of octane and do it from there, since you’re into it right now… I’m thinking I might have an idea how to convert it from your script