Here is my ingame menu maybe you can use it

Here is a simple Android menu with the fps project
there is a shoot button and crouch and uncrouch and jump buttons
you can easely add more hope you can use it :stuck_out_tongue:

here is link

yes i forgot screenshots here they are, and the project is for unreal engine 4.9.2

Screenshots please! People don’t like to blind download :smiley:

thanks a lot :slight_smile: but the link is dead pls re upload it .

Guys, can U provide a link on a lesson where I can learn to create touch buttons ,please?

yes thanks mediafire is better here is the link :slight_smile:

thanks again but how come you don’t upload it to mediafire ? or IDUP.IN

i Updated the Project to 4.9.1 :slight_smile:
and the idea from this coming from Swing Ninja the Level Select Menu blueprint

Added some new stuff the level select from swing ninja and the health and energy/mood menu allso and two new touch buttons you can pickup items and use the inventory menu to and eat or select items by touch
only the Red Coins needs some work, link for download are above :smiley:

Thanks a lot appreciated :slight_smile: .

new version i fixed red coins, added animation switching between pistol and rifle with number 1 and 2 the animations are the same (so it looks the same) you need to make your own pistol animation
and add it to blend space, and the project is for unreal engine 4.9.2 download is above :smiley: