Here is my final year university project for everyone to play :)

Hi Guys,

Hi guys,
For my final year university project, I am conducting a study to see if personality has an affect on an individuals actions within a game environment. To do this I made a game in UE4 in around 5 weeks.

The game itself has Trine like mechanics, and I have tried my best to make it as fun as possible. Here is a link to some gameplay of it:

If you want to play the game and help me out (I need as many people to play it and do the survey at the end as possible) here is the dropbox link: Dropbox - Error

After you have played the game a survey will load (In game) which is the most important bit of the study!

The game isn’t amazing, but I had fun making it. Before this I had no experience in UE4 whatsoever.

Thanks to anyone who plays the game and does the study :slight_smile:

I would be glad to help you with playing the game and completing the survey, but before I start doing this I would like to know how long this takes?

ok, this only takes some minutes. I tried to do it.

Actually, I think your game is not suited for your study. I tried 3 times and I am not able to save anyone because I have to wait for the water to raise up until I can reach the next platform. You have no tutorial at all, I tried everything but this game is way way too hard.
Also, the game is really dark so it’s quiet hard to see anything. The camera perspective is really irritating about the transition between water and air.

The really problem is, I can’t do your survey. I saved 0 people and I tried to do the survey, but if my mouse looses focus of your game then I don’t get the cursor back. Without cursor I am not able to fill the survey. And I need to tab out since for answering truthfully to your answers I need google translator for some of your questions (I am no native english speaker).

Please create an updated version of your game, then I will gratefully do the survey :slight_smile: