Here Comes a New Challenger ! - Character Select Screen?

I want to make a character select screen that allows the user to select from different actors(bp for each) and I’m wondering what’s the best approach.

I have one level for the game and I can either have the screen on the same level and start the controller using a temp pawn(CharacterSelectorPawn) then when the user selects the character(mouse click) then I can unpossess current pawn and possess the one selected.
I have a couple concerns with this, Is it ok(best practice) to have the level actually loaded in the background and after they select it “lifts” the character select screen?
- For online multiplayer are there any issues with this method
Another way is to make the Character select screen on its own level and pass an argument to the next level for which pawn to possess.
- I don’t know if this is possible because I would have to “catch” the process on load before it possess a pawn?
- Would this be better for online multiplayer because I can wait until everyone has chosen a character before loading the level for all clients?