Hemisphere: High Dynamic Range Sky Timelapses in UE4

**Hemisphere **enables you to play back separately sold high dynamic range recordings of real life skies.

It features a fully dynamic system built upon native UE4 lighting and fog components and supports an “extended luminance range” workflow based on physical lighting units.](

Hemisphere Skies is currently availible on Gumroad. The plugin will soon be available on the UE4 marketplace as well once the review process is complete.

Im still waiting on this to be available in the marketplace
Checking almost everyday since it was announced

The Hemisphere Plugin and a first Timelapse are now available on Gumroad!

The plugin will also release on the Unreal Marketplace in a couple weeks or months depending on how fast the review goes.

Lots of people have been asking for a way to get their hands on it earlier so I set up a Gumroad store for that purpose. The Gumroad store is there to stay and is not just a temporary solution!
Get Hemisphere here:

If this relies on timelapse photography / recordings etc, will this look pixelated in unreal when going up to high resolutions? Are the clouds crisp, or fuzzy? Its hard to tell in the HD videos on youtube due to compression (it looks blocky) - but is this the case when seen in Unreal?