Helping Us.

Hello. My name is Rumpelstiltskin.

Now heres the deal,

My friend and I want to learn unreal engine and make a new zombie game that wouldn’t ever been seen on a pc platform. The thing is the software makes us rage quit and I know YOU can relate to us. If you ever wanted help and you never got it, please don’t push us aside.

The zombie game with include of everything you would see on a forum page of any zombie game you can think of. Everything everyone wants in a zombie game. Not to just survive but invent, command, raid, pve, pvp, zombies, vehicles, engineering, carpeting, base customisations and **** it = helicopters! grappling hooks! EVERYTHING! And. The ability to find a run down van, car, truck and do it up to the be the coolest **** coming down main st.

So what i’m asking is to help me and my friend work around Unreal and help us with the game of the year. (And we not having **** ai for our Zombies. CUSTUM BABY!)

Thank you so much for reading.

Stopped reading right there.

how to pitch game ideas 101.

I have big problem, cannot decide if this is real or troll. But cool idea, make that gaem.