Helping others solve problems and debug. Show your BPs

Hello to all,

We often need to get help from each other in regards to blueprint debugging,concepts and problem solving.
I like to try and help out others where I can, but I often find I have to reply with, “Please show us your blueprint. Then we might be able to figure it out”.
It’s vital to see how the logic is setup within the blueprint. Describing what is happening is no where near as useful and showing it. It also can show up a lot of simple bugs or mistakes, making it easy for another to see.

If anyone is worried about others copying or stealing their ideas, then please don’t be. You need help, and we have all been learning by looking at what others have done. I have noticed that people here are sharing a lot more than they were with UDK, which is great! Previously people were very protective over their UnrealScripts, but I honestly believe it damaged development as a whole as there was a LOT of reinventing the wheel going on.
That’s not to say we should just be copy and pasting from others, of course!

Thanks for you time and post those BluePrints when you’re stuck!! :slight_smile:

Good tips and advice, Ben!

This is common in all sorts of troubleshooting issues. Sometimes it’s easy to suggest a couple of things to try whether it be for BPs, Materials, C++, or general questions, but having that visual element to see exactly what is going on can sometimes be key to getting your issue solved and helping others in the community.

There are some things, especially with regards to materials or something that is being rendered where it is extremely helpful to see a screen shot of at least your scene. There could be hardware issues going on that you’re getting that another user may not see at all.

Often times there is a lot of frustration that happens with issues going back and forth for a couple of days, but taking that extra step to get information out there will greatly help getting your issues resolved faster! Also, don’t forget about the AnswerHub as you can also ask your questions there. We do ask that if you post the same questions on the forum and AnswerHub to place a link to each in your posts so that way, if you get an answer on one you can update the other! :slight_smile:

I am extremely happy with the amount of sharing and helpfulness that the community has been doing! There is certainly and strong and helpful community here that is willing to jump in and help!