Helped needed combining attacks

Hello all. I’m having trouble figuring out how to get my character to animate their AttackAction based on the Attacks int variable they have assigned.

So for starters, I’m using the Advanced Turn-Based Tile Toolkit to make a turn-based game like XCOM, but fantasy instead of sci-fi. One of the things I want to have is fighter-type characters able to make multiple attacks with one attack action like in Dungeons & Dragons.

I’m using the Serath model from Paragon to test stuff because Serath was awesome. She has animations for up to four attacks that are meant to be chained one after another.


The way the system works, it is working fine for a single attack. There is a state machine that’s default is idling, and when the Attack bool is set to true it plays the first attack animation, with a notify for the attack hit and a notify for the attack end. The attack end notify switches the Attack bool back to false and runs the End Action function that will move to the next unit’s turn.

I have tried to do this several ways. The best way I understand to do this is to use montages, so I created montages for one, two, and three attack swing chains. I was then going to set it up so that, say, the montage with the three attacks would have the attack hit notify three times in the animation before the attack end notify. However, I have no idea how to plug all this stuff into each other.

I know how to save cached poses, so I can save the state machine with the locomotion animations (after taking the attack out of that state machine), and how to plug cached poses into slots. But I don’t know how to deal with having three potential slots to switch to based on the Attacks int or what to plug into the Final Animation Pose.

Can someone help me? I’ve attached some photos to show what I have and where I’m stuck.