Hey guys, first post and topic here as I’m not quite sure where to put this, sorry in advance!

I was hoping if some of you masterminds could possibly help me - I’ve been studying and looking at videos for days now and I’m still a bit stumped upon the process I need to take for this job I want to do.
I’ve created a map in photoshop, I’d love to take this to UE4 and Build it in real time, of course I never assumed it’d be that easy. I started then seperating the pieces and adding custom heightmaps, however, none of this seems successful. Nothing is scaled (and I do change my resolutions) - I try to put everything into 4k or 8k resolution at least. I just get spikes of death everywhere.

This is the map I created:
and to begin with, I took that, scaled it to 4k or 8k, made it all black/white and got absolutely nothing that is ideal to work with. Obviously I’m new to this however, if I’m working with something of this scale (and I desperately want to have this same map outline in UE4) - Is it best to work with one big lot or separate projects and edit bit by bit? Ideally the world is mean’t to be huge. To begin with I just want the island to be flat and outlined so the shore/water can be added and identified. With that would it be best to add custom height-maps or do it my self with the tools inside the program?

Sorry for all of this as I’m sure all of you have heard this before and none of this would make sense since I probably didn’t construct a single sentence that made sense.
I’m trying to wrap my head around all of this and it’s kinda hurting me.

Thank you in advance.

Hey sNkqt,

I’d definitely suggest updating the title of your thread to something more meaningful. Maybe a moderator can move it as well, e.g. to the Content Creation subforums.

Also, it would help a great deal if you could describe or give an example (e.g. YouTube) of what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to make a game? Which kind of game? What role is your map supposed to play there? Is it shown to the user for orientation? Is it a strategic map for deciding which country to invade next? Is it meant to be walkable by a player character?