I try to make the Dragon Works for me
Argen_AIController_BP copy that and put it into the Dragon :slight_smile:
now hes flying about my head and trying to hit me but nothing happens…
Is there anyway to make a event if he get attacked he land and attack from lang?
i looked at DinoFlyerAttack_BT but really dont know how to make it work…

Dragon has to Fly all arround.
After a hit he has to land and attack

pls help

if i was doing this i would take into account that another flyer might attack it, and look up how one goes about making a custom flyer, and pay close attention to how they get it to attack in the air, if all else fails, make it attack on the ground, but i feel thats making things too complicated, and i haven’t got the slightest clue on how to make that work!