good afternoon! Please tell me how to do a quality interior architecture? where to get the models?
Apologies for the English. I am from Russia !

Hello ильнур, the best way to do a quality interior is a lot of practice! What programs do you have access to?

There are lots of places to get models, the marketplace has some nice paid ones, and I know a few people who have used Evermotions Unreal Engine package. You can also find free models on manufacturer’s websites, and places like Yepsketch.

Personally I’ve been trying to learn to make my own. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube, and places like DigitalTutors.

Hope I helped a bit!

Dimensiva, nice HQ free models. Evermotion too! I’ve used yepsketch too, good quality stuff!

Thank you so much!! James_Gallagher, heartlessphil I liked the sites you gave me! Very high quality model. is nice too. I think they have some free models!

This is their free collection :