ee0a2437caced6b82411534bafb7dd1897245dc3.png I Need this it tell the engine how many ai bot are in the game and when they all die for now it print string but it does it when i kill one its set for 10 please help all blueprinting is on the ai s blueprint thanks

It looks like you have a, “less then or equal to” node linked to your branch node, you need to replace the “less then or equal to” node with a “equal to” node.

What you are doing is “Is ObjectCount less than or equal to ObjectCount?”, this will always return false. Something you can do is “ObjectCount <= 0”, this will return true if ObjectCount is less than 0.

it was like that mate sorry i didnt know i knocked that but it works but when i kill 1 it justs working but its suppose to do it when i kill 10 not 1

So that picture is your AI blueprint? After you kill 10 AI, you want it to print string?

no thats just so i know it works it will be used to spawn more ai

I’m not sure what you mean, what is it exactly that you want it to do? When should it print string, and why?

basicly it will know when all the ai are dead and then will have a delay and then spawn more ai as a round base game round 1 2 3 4 print string is only for testing

Still Does Not Work

23ccbcf3886dd518f82d4cc43d55d79e7f7fe051.png thanks for all of you trying to help but i dont know whats wroung with this

Jamendxman3 in your game vid will you be doing content like the survive round 1,2,3,4 thing in call of duty because thats what im trying to build if so il just wait until you do it and if you do it will be awsome

Yes, I will be making it just like in Call of Duty, but next time ask this question in the thread for the tutorial series.

anyone have any ideas

No idea whats happening before you are setting it but do a print string on the FALSE part and print out the “Object Count” so that you can debug easily and see if it is ever actually reaching zero.

Also this is the third post you have done about the same thing, just keep it in 1 post and you will get a lot more help.