Hello people ,

I am new to the UE 4 and am familiar yet not a bit with the blueprints from . I have a few questions , namely:

1: How to plant a bomb ?
2: How to defuse a bomb?
3: How to make a bomb in the team automatically assign ( at round start ) ?
4: How do you put the bomb on the entire map to hear?
5: And how can you put the bomb in a designated area ?

Sry for my bad english .

Can you give me tips to deal quickly with the blueprints ?

MFG Kevin ( Mopsfliege )

Those are some very broad questions, you’re asking us how to make Counter-Strike in Unreal. Its a pretty big task, so what you have to do is break it down into small tasks and doing those tasks one by one. So to help get you started, think about this: what is a bomb? It’s a resource that can be a part of a player’s inventory, it turns into a prop when placed in a designated spot. Breaking it down like that gives you ideas on what features and blueprint classes are needed.

So one way to get started is by making a weapon inventory system and a bomb ‘weapon’. You’ll have to do a lot of thinking yourself, though. Good luck!

There are plenty of tutorials on youtube for explosions, but not for defusing etc.

  1. Setup a bool as to whether or not a player “has the bomb” and do a server side check to make sure only one player at a time “has the bomb”, implement a way to toggle this bool from player to player. Make sure to really use and abuse the “authority” on this one.
  2. The designated area will actually be a trigger box volume. When the bomb is placed, the trigger volume will allow the correct team type to “defuse” the bomb, by pressing a certain key while colliding with this volume.
  3. For each loop the side you want, pick a random integer between 0 and the max index of the array, and set that person’s bomb bool to true.
  4. The easiest way is to install a sound component on every player for global playback.
  5. Use a trigger volume, make sure it has a “isBombPlanted” bool, if it is not true, and the person’s bomb bool is true, let them “plant the bomb”.

These are really basic questions, and I doubt if you are asking them that my explanation will make any sense. You just need to start small and work up to something as complicated as CS. A game like Counter Strike is complicated for various reasons. Start with tetris.

Mopsfliege, I do not mean to sound rude in any way, but it is a bit difficult to answer a question like yours. This engine is a lower-level engine, and therefore does not come with things built in like bombs & such; this engine just comes with the basic necessities for making a game. Most assets are usually externally-made in more advanced/professional games.

I suggest you start with making a bomb in a 3D program, should be very simple. Just make a sphere, and attach some sort of fuse to it. Then import it, and place the bomb somewhere on the level. When you want to light the bomb, you could spawn some sort of spark emitter on the fuse, and have it run down the fuse as time moves on. A lot of questions like yours do not necessarily require programming knowledge, but just a greater sense of logic. As you continue with UE4, you will realize that things like this are actually quite simple.

There are definitely plenty of tutorials around for all the stuff that you want if you actually look into what they are telling you. There is even a content example blueprint with a bomb in it that explodes.