Hello, i’m attempting to mask out specific meshes that leave a certain area through their animation. After doing some research, i found this old video in YT.- YouTube managed to get it working, but it doesn’t apply when i’m in play mode, and since this has to be a render in the end, i need it to work.

I’ve uploaded my blueprint and materials into a google drive. Please help me make this cool blueprint playable.

If it works in editor mode, all you have to do is move the ball during play. You could change it’s coordinates in the level BP.

I found out the problem after a couple hours of desperation. Somehow, the variable that i created in the blueprint (the float) isn’t linked to the scalar in the instance. When i adjust the radius variable in the instance, i then have to go back into the blueprint and adjust the float manualy.
Any idea as to why this wouldn’t be linked?