Help with world scale

Hello, first-off I am extremely new to UE4 and using game engines. I want to get used to using the program, and I think i have the main basics down for navigation and the UI. I’m on the very first tutorial video for level design and I’ve already hit a road block -___-

When I go to transform an object (cube) the video tutorial scales it to 500 x 500, but when I scale it to 500, it creates a seemingly infinite plane. What are the units? How do i change them to match the video tutorial? Any help is appreciated thanks.


I guess you scale a Static Mesh not a BSP (Geometry Brushes). These are two different things. Make sure you’re adding BSP Box to your scene.

1 Unreal Engine Unit = 1 cm

Hope it helps

Do not let checked on FBX exporter ‘automatic scale’ also, it may cause problems when exporting from 3DS Max.

You were right, I was using a static mesh, however now that I’m using a BSP, there is the same scaling problem. I go to scale it to 500 units by 500 units by 1 unit and it is a very very large plane. It should only be 5m x 5m right?

Only if the mesh was 1x1cm to begin with.

If it was a 400cm mesh and you scaled it by 500 you’ve scaled it up 500 times to 500x400cm, not to 500 cm in total.