Help With World Composition

Hello community I really need your help. I rarely ever ask for help and have always found my own solutions but this time I have exhausted every path. This is my first time actually posting in Unreal Forums and have been using Unreal for years. I am relatively new to World Composition and haven’t had a need to use it until now.

I am using real world data (not World Machine because personally I don’t like it) using 30M Data converted to gray scale 16 bit height maps via Microdem / Photoshop. As seen by the images (using a grass texture just for better visibility) the seam is not merging the vertices and is clearly visible. I have tried everything up to and including copying the last X Column of Map 1 to the first column of Map 2. If the Master image is used (both images combined) outside of World Composition and imported through the landscape tool there is no seam. So what would the solution be to make the vertices merge between maps?