Help with warping between points please

originally I wanted to make a flying enemy for my 2d game, but there’s absolutely no tutorials that explain what I am after. so I settled for just warping from one point, to off screen, and then back to another random point from a list of specific locations. I have an array set up of locations that is chosen at random and warp the actor to that location, then delays, then warps to an off screen point, then chooses a new point to warp to and then its supposed to loop. the issue is for some reason it works but only for a couple loops then the actor just disappears and it gives an error that says it accessed none trying to read the set world location node. but I don’t understand why it just decides to all of the sudden not be able read a node that it was reading fine.

if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them. Thanks in advance.

It’s because you’re running the cast from the ‘setactorlocation’ after 2 seconds delay. When you run the cast on overlap, put the result immediately in a variable. Then use this variable in the reset of your code.

Put the result of what into a variable?