Help with Wall Running

I have been using a wall running tutorial [Found Here][1] I completed the tutorial but when wall running the player seems to fall and not stay in one place like how the tutorial shows. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here are the images for the blueprint

Hey, Huseyin thanks for the reply.

I had already checked the branch nodes before. I then checked the get input key time down to see the value and it is constantly going up as the space bar is held.

I have then attached a screenshot of the timeline used hope this helps.

You have a screenshot of the timeline? Instead of add force maybe add velocity? Not to sure but if you player is not physics based add force may not work, not at my pc to test :confused:

  • First step to debugging yourself is to place a “print string” with a proper title to see where the code is not working. E.g a print string after first branch to see it it is actually true, and then an other one “get input key time down” to see the time held down and what it actually returns.

Solved question by changing add force to set velocity.