Help with walk cycle

this is my first post but i’ve been following the forum long ago.
I made my own character and i imported it for a third person game. I also made a walking cycle in 3ds max. The problem is that i made the character move forward on the walk cycle and when i set it in unreal for the character it looks akward.
Is there a way to transform the walk cycle “not to move forward”?
I should have made it walk on the spot in 3ds max but now it is too late =/

Any idea on this? I need to make the walk cycle remain on the spot =/

I don’t use 3ds max but i guess the workflow will be the same.

I guess you animated the pelvis bone or root bone for creating the forward animation, i don’t know, but you would simply delete it on that bone.

You can use the curve editor, find the axis responsible for the forward animation, i guess it’s Y if you’re using standard UE4 axis, and simply delete the keyframes.

Depending on you’re animation, you would probably have to adjust it a litle.

Thanks, i went back to 3ds max, deleted the Y position keyframes for the pelvis and re adjusted the foots. Now the character runs perfect!