Help With VR Inventory Belt System

Hey everyone,

I just started trying to really learn UE4 and kind of going through mechanic by mechanic from popular games, getting a better understanding of building a proper VR game.

I’m struggling on something though, and I’m honestly not sure if it’s the blueprint or maybe how I’ve set up the actor.

Below I have a portion of my MotionControllerPawn blueprint that is updating what could potentially be a Inventory Slot, essentially a place where you’d put something like a gun, think Onward for example. The way I’m doing this is on every Event Tick getting the Camera Transform, taking just the Location X Y Z and Rotation Z / 2 and setting the Inventory Slot Location and Rotation. Followed by some debugging logic to print out a line showing the transforms of both the Inventory Slot followed by the Camera. This is probably poor practice I’m open to other options.

To me this feels fairly straight forward and looks good even from the debug output. I’m seeing what seems like the location of the inventory slot at half height of the camera and the proper camera location. Except when I look down expecting just a box, that’s all that’s in the Actor, I don’t see anything. Unfortunately I can’t attach another screenshot here as I’ve hit the file size limit.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Even plugin suggestions.